8th October 2021

“Since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic there has been a general moratorium on party bookings. The Trustees have drawn up a plan for party bookings but overwhelmingly agreed that the time is not right to do so because:

1) the UK has the highest infection rate in the world apart from the USA (currently 40,000 new infections per day).

2) the government is concerned about the likelihood of a flu epidemic this winter causing as many as 50,000 excess deaths.

In the circumstances, the Trustees feel that it would be socially irresponsible to signal that it is safe to have large, unregulated indoor gatherings at this time.

The Trustees agreed to reconsider the matter at their January meeting with a view to agreeing a date for accepting party bookings again and drawing up new terms and conditions”

Room Charging Policy Changes

30th July 2021

The Trustees met on 27th July to consider our the Centre’s financial position and to decide how users might be helped in the coming months.
During lockdowns the Centre has continued to earn some income because of its solar panels, so it is emerging in a stable financial position.
There will be no rise in room charges in the foreseeable future.
In order to support users with maintaining appropriate distancing, all groups that book the Langley Room will also have the Sudeley Room and kitchen free of charge.
The Trustees have also decided to give further help to not-for-profit community groups in their efforts to restart their activities. From August 1st such community groups will be charged at a ‘special’ rate which is below the regular rate. (In most cases it is obvious which groups fall into this category but if you’re worried that you might be ‘missed’, please email treasurerafcc@gmail.com for clarification.
These changes will remain in force until at least the end of the current financial year in April 2022.

Lockdown Extension

15th June 2021

All users need to be aware that following yesterday’s Government announcement, the existing Covid-19 restrictions will continue to apply until July 19th. If you’re a new ‘returnee’ and you don’t know about the restrictions, please contact the Booking Clerk for more information.


21st May 2021

The Trustees of Abbey Fields Community Centre have expressed concerns about allowing the centre to be booked for parties and similar gatherings. There are three main reasons:

1. The continuing threat from the Covid-19 pandemic.
2. Most damage (usually denied) has been caused during party bookings.
3. Instances of aggression towards trustees responding to complaints from local residents about noise etc.

A possible solution to the issue could be the formation of a User Group specifically formed by interested local residents to administer, manage and take responsibility for party bookings. Trustees would be pleased to support and advise such a group.


20th May 2021

Abbey Fields Trustees have decided that there will be no changes to room charges this financial year. The trustees are committed to keeping prices as low as possible whilst ensuring that the centre’s facilities are well-maintained and improved.


20th May 2021

Abbey Fields Trustees have decided that, for the foreseeable future, no party bookings will be accepted. Priority is currently being given to regular bookings. Bookings for one-off events will be considered but not necessarily accepted.

Abbey Fields plans to reopen on May 17th

5th May 2021

Abbey Fields plans to reopen on May 17th, subject to the Covid-safe procedures that were in place Sept-Nov 2020.

If the government’s ‘roadmap’ goes to plan we intend to reopen fully on June 21st.

We are currently taking bookings from ‘regular’ users (new or existing). There is currently a moratorium on parties etc and ‘one-off bookings’ will be considered on their merits but will not be accepted necessarily. This policy will be kept under review by Trustees and any changes will be posted on this website.